It is rain­ing mile­stones this week.


I hit 100 day streak in med­i­ta­tion. I start­ed med­i­tat­ing this Jan­u­ary but failed rather quick­ly. I say with expe­ri­ence that try­ing to start med­i­ta­tion with twen­ty-minute ses­sions is a sure shot way to stum­ble. So I start­ed again in May with Calm app. I start­ed with their begin­ner pro­gram and even­tu­al­ly real­ized ten min­utes a day is more man­age­able. I have been reg­u­lar since June. If I did­n’t for­get to look at Lift on that tir­ing day in July, my streak would have been 50% longer. Any­how, I don’t wish things were dif­fer­ent.

I com­plet­ed the third lev­el of push up chal­lenge with 37 push ups in a row. I strug­gled a bit to move past 35 but my train­er gave me some tips to move for­ward. The chal­lenge is com­plete but the prac­tice con­tin­ues.

All these tiny habits added up to 5000 check-ins since I dis­cov­ered Lift in July 2013. I don’t like this app’s new name, Lift and Lifter sounds cool­er than Coach.Me. So I will con­tin­ue to call it Lift. Had I not read this post titled Two Tips for Delib­er­ate Prac­tice on Medi­um back in 2013, I would have missed this app and the Tiny Habits method it advo­cates. Read­ing can change life pos­i­tive­ly.

As I can already squat 32 KGs and do 37 con­tin­u­ous push ups, I felt it would be great to round off this year with round­ing off those num­bers as well. So I aim to squat 40 KGs and do 50 push ups by end of 2015. It should­n’t be dif­fi­cult as I just need to con­tin­ue the momen­tum. But it is easy to set goals than to actu­al­ly do them. So fin­gers crossed.


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