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  • iPhone 14 Pro

    I ordered a new iPhone! 14 Pro it is, to replace the original iPhone SE that I bought in April 2016. Loving the Dynamic Island. It is exciting because I am frugal with gadgets (and everything generally!) and I buy iPhones only a few times in a decade. So this is a big moment in the house. […]

  • New Newsletters

    I recently found myself reading and enjoying most of the articles on the following blogs. So I have let them into my inbox. Check them out below. You may love their writing too.

  • Useful and overlooked skill I practice

    Useful and overlooked skill I practice

    If you can’t use your legs and they bring you milk when you wanted orange juice, you learn to say ‘that’s all right,’ and drink it. Franklin Delano Roosevelt via Morgan Housel ↵ Back to Bookmarks page.

  • Good things take time

    Good things take time

    As I become impatient with a couple of long-term goals that don’t seem to be progressing fast enough, I seek solace from a couple of encouraging perspectives on time: Nearly everything awesome takes longer than you think. Get started and don’t worry about the clock. James Clear Demotivated because of how long it’ll take? Remember […]

  • Possessions and Lifestyle

    Possessions and Lifestyle

    Our possessions should be suited to our bodies and lives, just as our shoes are suited to our feet. Epictetus I recently read The Manual: A Philosopher’s Guide to Life and have been pondering over the above quote from that book. That’s the philosophy I apply when I buy things, from the clothes I wear […]

  • Five Years

    Five Years

    Five years is a long time. It is much slower than most of us would like. If you accept the reality of slow progress, you have every reason to take action today. If you resist the reality of slow progress, five years from now you’ll simply be five years older and still looking for a […]

  • Extension quotes

    I like the following extensions to the otherwise banal quotes: The grass is always greener on the side that’s fertilized with bullshit. Morgan Housel Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour. James Clear

  • Covid in the house

    After about two years into the pandemic, Covid finally entered the house!

  • Price of things

    Price of things

    Money is often a negative art. What you don’t do can be more important than what you actively do. Everything has a price, and prices aren’t always clear. The price of exercise isn’t just the workout; it’s avoiding the post-workout urge to eat a ton of food. Same in finance. The price of building wealth isn’t just […]

  • Ego vs outcome

    Ego vs outcome

    When you decouple your ego from a bad outcome, it creates an opportunity for you to learn from it. When you decouple your ego from a good outcome, it saves you from future disasters. Vishal Khandelwal in How to Stop Sabotaging Your Investing In that post Vishal mentions What I learned by losing a million […]