• Week 13, 2023

    We are three months into 2023. Time flies! This is the last week of Day­light Sav­ings which has end­ed today (Sun­day). The days are already get­ting short­er and cool­er. I love the sea­son­al change. So I am look­ing for­ward to cool weath­er and wet days over the next six months. This week has been great. I kept all… Read more

  • Week 11, 2023

    This week is good. I was on track with my week­ly goals, and kept my habit streaks. Will share specifics on my week­ly habits and goals in a future post. Moved to 1Password. Good rid­dance to Last­Pass which served me well for the last 7‑ish years but I am con­cerned with the fre­quen­cy of breach­es late­ly. So import­ed… Read more

  • Unsubscribing to Lists

    Oh, some­one has to real­ly take time out of their busy day to review and unsub­scribe me from the email list where­as signup is a breeze! Read more

  • New Mac Apps

    I am lov­ing these new apps that I recent­ly got for my 14″ Mac Book Pro. Make sure to check them out if you are a Mac user too. Top Notch to hide the top notch. Pix­el­Snap to mea­sure things on the screen. The above two apps are from the mak­ers of the screen­shot mak­ing app I love:… Read more

  • 2022 Workouts

    In 2022, I worked out 130 times using the same prin­ci­ple and tips I used in the pri­or years. I missed a lot of work­outs, but I nev­er cease to amaze by how small num­bers add up over the year. Month Num­ber of work­outs Excus­es for missed work­outs Notes Jan 9 Skipped first week for hol­i­days. Feb 13 Mar 11 Missed… Read more

  • Reasons to Quit

    I like this sum­ma­ry of ques­tions from the Rework pod­cast from ear­li­er this year: Read more

  • iPhone 14 Pro

    I ordered a new iPhone! 14 Pro it is, to replace the orig­i­nal iPhone SE that I bought in April 2016. Lov­ing the Dynam­ic Island. It is excit­ing because I am fru­gal with gad­gets (and every­thing gen­er­al­ly!) and I buy iPhones only a few times in a decade. So this is a big moment in the house. Like any phone Apple made, I would say… Read more

  • New Newsletters

    I recent­ly found myself read­ing and enjoy­ing most of the arti­cles on the fol­low­ing blogs. So I have let them into my inbox. Check them out below. You may love their writ­ing too. Read more

  • Useful and overlooked skill I practice

    Useful and overlooked skill I practice

    If you can’t use your legs and they bring you milk when you want­ed orange juice, you learn to say ‘that’s all right,’ and drink it. Franklin Delano Roo­sevelt via Mor­gan Housel Read more

  • Good things take time

    Good things take time

    As I become impa­tient with a cou­ple of long-term goals that don’t seem to be pro­gress­ing fast enough, I seek solace from a cou­ple of encour­ag­ing per­spec­tives on time: Near­ly every­thing awe­some takes longer than you think. Get start­ed and don’t wor­ry about the clock. James Clear Demo­ti­vat­ed because of how long it’ll take? Remem­ber the time will pass… Read more