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  • 2021 Workouts

    I exercised 142 times in 2021. When I took a count in July, I anticipated missing about 10 workouts through the remainder of the year, but I actually missed just one. At 3x per week, I was lucky enough to work out about 47 of 52 weeks. That makes 2021 yet another good year in […]

  • Covid Test Result

    Ever since the pandemic started, I have been curious how the Covid test result would look like. Here is how:

  • Sad day for Indian (Telugu) cinema 😔

    My favourite lyricist passed away today. But his work will always be alive for the lifetime of Telugu cinema.

  • 100 days of lockdown

    Today is day 100 since the current lockdown started. My feelings over these past 100 days are something similar to this: Whatever our individual troubles and challenges may be, it’s important to pause every now and then to appreciate all that we have, on every level. Shakti Gawain Following are the relevant Covid stats shared […]

  • Fork in the forest

  • Lockdown update

    Among other things happening in my life, I almost forgot that today is day 75 of the lockdown that started on 18th August. Here are today’s case stats shared by a nice person on Twitter. This is the longest ever lockdown since this plague started in 2020 God knows where and how. Just like almost […]

  • Worldwide WP 5K 2021 Walk

    Today I completed the 20201 edition of the WWWP 5K run walk. I opted to walk instead of run because I was with my family. Today is the official last day for the run, and the weather was wet in the morning so I wasn’t sure but then the day got drier by mid-day so […]

  • No thanks. Not now. Not ever.

    It is really amazing how Twitter tries to remind you to enable notifications. But I am good at declining things.

  • Awful ICICIDirect phone support

    Just this afternoon, I shared an anecdote about how, in 2021, it is still painful to generally access customer support across the board. As fate would have it, I had to call a company called, and I did run into the exact icky situation I was ranting about. Here is the transcript: 0:02 – […]

  • Contacting companies is still cumbersome in 2021

    I am just reading the print edition of the August/September issue of the Rural Living magazine (online edition here). The following editorial piqued my interest and confirmed what I know is generally true with most customer support. Although this article is aimed at New Zealand businesses, anecdotally, I know the state of customer support elsewhere […]