Week 15, 2023

This week I exer­cised Mon, Wed and Fri. And I walked for an hour on Thurs­day.

I got my fourth Covid vac­cine and sec­ond boost­er shot this week.

I bought and returned the Bose Smart Sound­bar 900. It is not an impulse pur­chase— I have been con­tem­plat­ing it for a few months. But when we got it home this week­end and set it up, the sound out­put didn’t meet our expec­ta­tions, so we are unhap­py with shelling out $1245. To take advan­tage of the sound bar, we have to add a Bose woofer at anoth­er $750, mak­ing the whole set­up uneco­nom­i­cal. Luck­i­ly the local elec­tron­ics store accept­ed my change of mind and ful­ly refund­ed me. Sigh! I was very impressed with how eas­i­ly they processed my refund to the point that I felt bad about myself. I will buy my iPhone lat­er this year from them; I nor­mal­ly buy Apple stuff from the Apple web­site, but this time I will give my Apple dol­lars to this store for being con­sid­er­ate of me.

I did­n’t read as much this week. Hop­ing to return to my usu­al book read­ing pace this week.

Lis­tened to this great episode on my favorite pod: Play your own game. And your only game.



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