Hello. Welcome to my home on the internet!

My name is Chaitanya. I live in New Zealand with my family.

I am a family man and a perpetual learner. I flip-flop, iterate and ask for a lot of feedback; I consider these three skills as my strengths.

I appreciate New Zealand flat white, avocado toast, haute desserts, and other fine foods. I also read, write, move, and meditate.

In my day job at Automattic, I work as a Happiness Engineer and help WordPress.com customers with their websites, blogs, and online stores.

This blog is my public journal. I keep it to record some of my thoughts and learn how my life and my writing have evolved over time. I keep the contents of this blog positive, in line with my optimistic and upbeat attitude.

Want to learn more about me? [1] Why I blog.  [2] My Creed.  [3] What I’m doing now.

Thank you for dropping by my blog!

11 replies on “Hello. Welcome to my home on the internet!”

Hello, I had to return the visit and like it here a lot. That’s why I’m now following you. Cheers from one learner to the other. Eons ago I visited New Zealand for a few months and loved it.

Hey Chaitanya,
Now I know that you are into software. I should have read it before asking πŸ™‚
Well good to meet you. Happy blogging πŸ™‚

Hi chaitanyamsv, I need to contact you to ask you a question about jetpack and selfhosted blog.
Do you have a contact me page?

Nice to meet you Chaitanya! You’re doing a great work at WP.com forum! I remember doing the same way back in 2009-10 until I did some disservice to some users and the staff advised me to stay away from the forum! Haha! πŸ˜€ Now I go there only for my troubles :p

You have the name of the latest incarnation of Sri Krishna….so anyone who sees or speak the name Caitanya, is getting sukritti by way of namabasa….:) I used to live in New Zealand…wonderful place…