Hel­lo! Wel­come to my lit­tle cor­ner on the inter­net.

My name is Chai. I live in New Zealand with my fam­i­ly.

I am a hap­py-go-lucky fam­i­ly man and learn­er for life. I quick­ly change my mind when I dis­cov­er new facts, so I flip-flop, iter­ate, and see it as my strength!

I read, write, move, and med­i­tate. I love flat white cof­fee, avo­ca­do toast, desserts, and oth­er sweet foods.

I help peo­ple with their Word­Press web­sites, blogs, and online stores in my day job.

This blog is my pub­lic jour­nal. I keep this blog to recount my thoughts for my future self. I write about my life, habits, per­son­al devel­op­ment, cus­tomer ser­vice, and ideas I learn from oth­er smart peo­ple. I keep the con­tents of this blog gen­er­al­ly pos­i­tive, in line with my opti­mistic and upbeat atti­tude. But I don’t shy away from shar­ing a cri­tique or rant every once in a while.

Want to learn more about me? [1] Why I blog. [2] My Creed. [3] What I’m doing now.

Thank you for drop­ping by my blog!