• Week 15, 2023

    This week I exer­cised Mon, Wed and Fri. And I walked for an hour on Thurs­day. I bought and returned the Bose Smart Sound­bar 900. It is not an impulse pur­chase— I have been con­tem­plat­ing it for a few months. But when we got it home this week­end and set it up, the sound out­put didn’t meet our expec­ta­tions,… Read more

  • Week 14, 2023

    This week all habits were kept. The high­light of this week is that our car returned home after get­ting involved in an acci­dent and then spend­ing next six months in the work­shop while the parts were import­ed from Japan. I am sur­prised that it took only six months to be repaired in the post-Covid world where… Read more

  • Week 13, 2023

    We are three months into 2023. Time flies! This is the last week of Day­light Sav­ings which has end­ed today (Sun­day). The days are already get­ting short­er and cool­er. I love the sea­son­al change. So I am look­ing for­ward to cool weath­er and wet days over the next six months. This week has been great. I kept all… Read more

  • Week 12, 2023

    This week felt accom­plished over­all. I hit all, well actu­al­ly, two main week­ly goals: I saved some mon­ey and exer­cised three times on Mon, Tues, and Fri­days with more phys­i­cal move­ment by way of crick­et and bas­ket­ball with my son in the near­by park. I also kept my med­i­ta­tion and Ele­vate streaks. I had a review of my… Read more

  • Week 11, 2023

    This week is good. I was on track with my week­ly goals, and kept my habit streaks. Will share specifics on my week­ly habits and goals in a future post. Moved to 1Password. Good rid­dance to Last­Pass which served me well for the last 7‑ish years but I am con­cerned with the fre­quen­cy of breach­es late­ly. So import­ed… Read more

  • Weekly Notes

    I briefly re-con­nect­ed with my old blog­ging friend The­jesh on his blog this week. We both used to work for the same tech com­pa­ny in mid-2000s. The­jesh is one of the blog­ger who pos­i­tive­ly influ­enced me in the ear­ly days of my career. While I haven’t met him in about 20 years, I enjoy read­ing his blog.… Read more