Week 12, 2023

This week felt accomplished overall.

I hit all, well actually, two main weekly goals: I saved some money and exercised three times on Mon, Tues, and Fridays with more physical movement by way of cricket and basketball with my son in the nearby park. I also kept my meditation and Elevate streaks.

I had a review of my last six months at work which turned out to be good.

I removed Twitter app on my phone and loving it. Now I only check Twitter a few times on the computer instead of many more times throughout the day.

Son’s cricket season completed. They played 15 games and the team grew so much over the season. They played the last game of the season on Saturday and they won as a team! Looking forward to the football season that starts in a month or two, and the next cricket season later this year.

I am also on track with reading the current personal finance book and am good to return it to the library. I got another book I reserved that’s ready to pick up.

This week was a bit heavier on podcasts as I finally finished listening to many ongoing episodes and picked up a few. I highly recommend you check them out. There are too many, and some are pretty intense, so take them slowly. I didn’t listen to them all this week, but I happened to conclude them all this week. And I will be revisiting a few of them in the coming days.

I read anything Morgan Housel writes. And now, so far it turned out I will listen to anything he shares on his podcast.


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