Week 12, 2023

This week felt accom­plished over­all.

I hit all, well actu­al­ly, two main week­ly goals: I saved some mon­ey and exer­cised three times on Mon, Tues, and Fri­days with more phys­i­cal move­ment by way of crick­et and bas­ket­ball with my son in the near­by park. I also kept my med­i­ta­tion and Ele­vate streaks.

I had a review of my last six months at work which turned out to be good.

I removed Twit­ter app on my phone and lov­ing it. Now I only check Twit­ter a few times on the com­put­er instead of many more times through­out the day.

Son’s crick­et sea­son com­plet­ed. They played 15 games and the team grew so much over the sea­son. They played the last game of the sea­son on Sat­ur­day and they won as a team! Look­ing for­ward to the foot­ball sea­son that starts in a month or two, and the next crick­et sea­son lat­er this year.

I am also on track with read­ing the cur­rent per­son­al finance book and am good to return it to the library. I got anoth­er book I reserved that’s ready to pick up.

This week was a bit heav­ier on pod­casts as I final­ly fin­ished lis­ten­ing to many ongo­ing episodes and picked up a few. I high­ly rec­om­mend you check them out. There are too many, and some are pret­ty intense, so take them slow­ly. I did­n’t lis­ten to them all this week, but I hap­pened to con­clude them all this week. And I will be revis­it­ing a few of them in the com­ing days.

I read any­thing Mor­gan Housel writes. And now, so far it turned out I will lis­ten to any­thing he shares on his pod­cast.


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