Week 13, 2023

We are three months into 2023. Time flies!

This is the last week of Daylight Savings which has ended today (Sunday). The days are already getting shorter and cooler. I love the seasonal change. So I am looking forward to cool weather and wet days over the next six months.

This week has been great. I kept all my habits and streaks.


We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on Wednesday with a nice lunch and dinner. We were going to go on a road trip but son had some zone football at school, so we didn’t want him to skip the game so we all canceled our plans to skip school and work, and spent time in the town instead.


I played Elevate for 2382 days in a row.

This week I noticed they refreshed their achievement banners and those new banners are enticing.

Those cool designs don’t mean much to me, although it is nice to see how their banners evolved over the years. I just want to train my brain little bit everyday and try to keep it sharp. So I look forward to my 5000th practice.


This is also the last week of March. I exercised three time this week, 14 times this month and 30 times this quarter.

Blog Posts

I revisited this great post: How to be successful. Lot of good takeaways in it.


I finished reading the following book and listed some action items for the future. It is a good read. I liked it so much that I am reading Frances’ second book now. Never stop learning about money!


I listened to following episodes from one of my favorite people on the internet.

If you like DHH’s thoughts and teachings, you may like their own Rework podcast. It is one of the very few shows of which I listen to every episode.


There is a new ice cream place came up in the neighbourhood and it was amazing! We will be revisiting.

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