Week 11, 2023

This week is good. I was on track with my weekly goals, and kept my habit streaks. Will share specifics on my weekly habits and goals in a future post.

Moved to 1Password. Good riddance to LastPass which served me well for the last 7-ish years but I am concerned with the frequency of breaches lately. So imported passwords to 1Password and canceled LastPass. The import failed initially but I was able to import via 1Password web app.

I also installed AlDente app on a colleague’s recommendation, to limit MacBook from charging above a certain percentage, to decrease wear and increase longevity of my MacBook’s Battery.

Eggs and sweet potatoes are increasingly getting expensive. Avocados too, but that’s understandable as we are at the fag end of the season. So no avocados until later this year.

Loved this quote from Dave Ramsey’s podcast I listened this week. I can add a couple of jobs to this list, but this quote cracked me up.

Only people who can be wrong twice a day and keep their job are weather forecasters and economists.

WISDOM FROM THE TOP with GUY RAZ podcat episode with Dave Ramsey.

Onwards to the next week!

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