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I briefly re-connected with my old blogging friend Thejesh on his blog this week. We both used to work for the same tech company in mid-2000s. Thejesh is one of the blogger who positively influenced me in the early days of my career. While I haven’t met him in about 20 years, I enjoy reading his blog. In one such recent visit to his blog, I noticed he recently started sharing weekly notes. That also reminded me of weekly learnings regularly shared by one of my other blogger friends Nick from a different corner of the blogosphere.

I write this blog primarily as a journal for my future self. So I believe my future self will surely appreciate composing and sharing regular weekly notes! So I am taking the lead of both these fine people and bloggers and decided to start sharing my own weekly notes.

I love reading blogs especially the ones where people share mundane, ordinary things about their lives without trying to impress anybody. These days all I see on Twitter are pitches to newsletters sharing personal development platitudes, which I have had enough of! That’s why personal blogs continue to remain dear to my heart.

I have no idea on what I will share, but I read a lot of blogs and listen to a few podcasts. So I will start there and share nuggets I find interesting in the stuff I consume online. I will also share an update or two about my personal life without revealing too much of my day-to-day struggles.

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