From iPhone 7 to iPhone 15 Pro

I can’t con­tain my excite­ment as I write this blog post! After sev­en years of loy­al ser­vice, my trusty iPhone 7 is final­ly got a well-deserved retire­ment. And in its place? The shiny, brand-new iPhone 15 Pro! 📱✨

I was in Kyoto when Apple start­ed tak­ing orders for New Zealand. Since I was a few time­zones behind in Kyoto, I was able to pre-order ear­ly on Sep­tem­ber 16th and received my iPhone on Sep­tem­ber 22nd. There was a lit­tle hic­cup when the couri­er arrived while I was out get­ting cof­fee, so I had to pick up the pack­age from their local depot.

I was very excit­ed when I final­ly got my new iPhone 15 Pro. The unbox­ing expe­ri­ence was amaz­ing, and it made me feel spe­cial. It took me a long time to decide to upgrade my iPhone, so this was a big moment and a big pur­chase for me. One of the things I real­ly liked about the new iPhone was how easy it was to trans­fer every­thing from my old phone. The process was seam­less and all my apps and set­tings were restored per­fect­ly.

I don’t like the giant screen (and cost!) of Max iPhones, so I set­tled for the reg­u­lar Pro. Com­ing from a small­er iPhone, reg­u­lar size feels like Max any­way!

My favourite tiny fea­ture is the Action but­ton. I will blog about how I cus­tomized the Action but­ton in a future post.

My iPhone 7 has been my com­pan­ion through thick and thin. It has seen me through count­less adven­tures, cap­tured pre­cious mem­o­ries, and kept me con­nect­ed with the world. But as awe­some as it has been, the time had come for a tech­nol­o­gy leap espe­cial­ly since its cam­era is feel­ing out­dat­ed.

So here’s to bid­ding farewell to my iPhone 7 and say­ing hel­lo to the iPhone 15 Pro!

P.S. Now, if only I could seam­less­ly trans­fer the “sen­ti­men­tal val­ue” from my old iPhone to the new one… 😄


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  1. As I get old­er, I find the big­ger screen has gone from being an indul­gence to a neces­si­ty. And the high­er con­trast helps too.

    1. That’s a good point, Bill.

      I think it won’t be long before the Max screen becomes a need for me too!

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