• How I setup my iPhone’s Action Button

    The Action But­ton on the iPhone 15 Pro is a small fea­ture I eager­ly antic­i­pat­ed. Apple offers nine options from which I specif­i­cal­ly want­ed to access both the silent mode and the cam­era. I also want­ed the actions to acti­vate right away upon press­ing the Action but­ton, with­out need­ing to select any­thing from the on-screen menu after the but­ton… Read more

  • From iPhone 7 to iPhone 15 Pro

    I can’t con­tain my excite­ment as I write this blog post! After sev­en years of loy­al ser­vice, my trusty iPhone 7 is final­ly got a well-deserved retire­ment. And in its place? The shiny, brand-new iPhone 15 Pro! 📱✨ I was in Kyoto when Apple start­ed tak­ing orders for New Zealand. Since I was a few time­zones behind in Kyoto, I was… Read more

  • No 20th anniversary iMac?

    I hate it when an Apple event hap­pens and I don’t see any updates to the prod­ucts I need. My work com­put­er is due for a refresh. So I ordered the lat­est iMac any­way despite no twen­ti­eth anniver­sary iMac refresh. Read more

  • Kindle, Kano and a money lesson

    I bought a Kin­dle Paper­white and Kano Com­put­er Kit while I was in the US last week. I also did not buy an iPhone 8 Plus. My first attempt to buy Kin­dle was at the end of 2010. But that Kin­dle was lost even before it reached me along with my friend’s lost checked-in bag­gage. Over the years I have… Read more

  • iPhone 7

    The wait is over. Apple deliv­ered my iPhone 7 today. First Face­book, then this post on my blog remind­ed me that six years ago today, I received my first iPhone 4. What a coin­ci­dence! I am not as excit­ed as I was at that time. Even so, excit­ed to lay my hands on the new iPhone. As an aside,… Read more

  • 7 more nights to Sep­tem­ber 7 to see iPhone 7. Read more

  • Waiting for the next iPhone

    I’m excit­ed about the upcom­ing iPhone. That’s because I am going to buy it.  It’s been six years since I looked for­ward this much for an iPhone. Luck­i­ly, I did­n’t have to buy a phone all these years. I bought my first iPhone in the Octo­ber of 2010. Say­ing I was excit­ed to lay my hands on it is need­less. It’s… Read more