Doing Hard Things. Consistently.

This week I real­ly strug­gled to start my work­outs. I ate piz­za on Mon­day, and slacked off on Tues­day for no rea­son. I final­ly did an upper body work­out today (Wednes­day). I nor­mal­ly get one work­out done by Tues­day.

I will com­plete two more work­outs this week before I board a flight to Asia on Sun­day.

But it dawned on me how hard it is to do hard things con­sis­tent­ly. I am not new to exer­cis­ing and I iden­ti­fy myself as some­one who don’t skip work­outs. I kept my week­ly three work­outs rou­tine since 2014 and I already worked out 86 times so far this year. Yet…it is very hard to push every sin­gle time.

That’s prob­a­bly why it feels great to com­plete a work­out (or that pesky item on the to-do list that’s get­ting resched­uled for eter­ni­ty!). Every. Sin­gle. Time.



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