Tech­ni­cal learn­ing posts.

  • How I setup my iPhone’s Action Button

    The Action But­ton on the iPhone 15 Pro is a small fea­ture I eager­ly antic­i­pat­ed. Apple offers nine options from which I specif­i­cal­ly want­ed to access both the silent mode and the cam­era. I also want­ed the actions to acti­vate right away upon press­ing the Action but­ton, with­out need­ing to select any­thing from the on-screen menu after the but­ton… Read more

  • From iPhone 7 to iPhone 15 Pro

    I can’t con­tain my excite­ment as I write this blog post! After sev­en years of loy­al ser­vice, my trusty iPhone 7 is final­ly got a well-deserved retire­ment. And in its place? The shiny, brand-new iPhone 15 Pro! 📱✨ I was in Kyoto when Apple start­ed tak­ing orders for New Zealand. Since I was a few time­zones behind in Kyoto, I was… Read more

  • New Mac Apps

    I am lov­ing these new apps that I recent­ly got for my 14″ Mac Book Pro. Make sure to check them out if you are a Mac user too. Top Notch to hide the top notch. Pix­el­Snap to mea­sure things on the screen. The above two apps are from the mak­ers of the screen­shot mak­ing app I love:… Read more

  • A few cool Mac apps I use

    It’s been a few years since I wrote about the Itsy­cal cal­en­dar app that I use on my Mac. It still is the default time and cal­en­dar app on my Mac’s menu bar. Here are a few more cool Mac apps that I use and love. Clocker Clock­er dis­plays time from addi­tion­al time zones on Mac’s menu bar or as… Read more

  • Hey, HEY!

    Last night I bought my email address sub­scrip­tion after try­ing it for a few days. I have been fol­low­ing HEY ever since Jason gave a heads up ear­li­er this year. Since this is from Base­camp, I knew it is going to be amaz­ing and it is! I signed up as soon as I got an invite a few days ago and I loved… Read more

  • Fibre Ultra

    I upgrad­ed my fibre inter­net to Fibre Ultra, tech­ni­cal­ly called Giga­bit fibre which has the adver­tised speeds of 900 Mbps down and 500 Mbps up. First, some back­sto­ry. My first fibre con­nec­tion I got in 2018 was sol­id (Fibre 100 — 100 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up). After some time I grew unhap­py with the puny 20 Mbps… Read more

  • A debate between Matt M and DHH

    Recent­ly REWORK pod­cast record­ed and pub­lished a fas­ci­nat­ing debate between the two peo­ple I admire and respect, Matt Mul­len­weg and DHH, about tech monop­o­lies and the pow­er of the open-source. I look for­ward to anoth­er show on Ven­ture Cap­i­tal and fund­ing. Hope­ful­ly, they are able to record it soon­er! Read more

  • Messaging app with VIP features

    It is 2019 and I won­der why there are no mes­sag­ing apps that will let me choose the peo­ple from whom I wish to receive noti­fi­ca­tions. Right now, the noti­fi­ca­tions are all or none deal and I default to none. Which is bet­ter, but not best. As peo­ple start get­ting detached to devices and start pri­ori­tis­ing their offline… Read more

  • Fibre upgrade

    After about four­teen months on 100 Mbps fibre con­nec­tion, I asked to dou­ble the speed of my inter­net to 200 Mbps for a $15 extra per month. I will see how long I go before I get used to this new, high speed and stop appre­ci­at­ing it. So far so good, although I am a bit sur­prised at first that… Read more

  • How to quickly add tasks to your to-do app

    The usu­al work­flow to add tasks to any to-do app involves loose­ly a few steps: Find the app on the com­put­er Open the app Find the Inbox fold­er Click the Add task but­ton Type the task name Hit Enter to add task These man­u­al steps of adding tasks are way bet­ter than not hav­ing a to-do sys­tem… Read more