A few cool Mac apps I use

It’s been a few years since I wrote about the Itsy­cal cal­en­dar app that I use on my Mac. It still is the default time and cal­en­dar app on my Mac’s menu bar.

Here are a few more cool Mac apps that I use and love.


Clock­er dis­plays time from addi­tion­al time zones on Mac’s menu bar or as a float­ing pan­el. In my work, I look up UTC time a lot, and so I set up UTC time on Clock­er to show it on the menu bar. You can also click on the menu bar to expand the lock­er to show pre­set addi­tion­al time zones.

A section of my Mac's menu bar showing Clocker on the left displaying the UTC time. Itsycal on the right. Both are set to show time in the same format.
A sec­tion of my Mac’s menu bar show­ing Clock­er on the left dis­play­ing the UTC time. Itsy­cal on the right. Both are set to show time in the same for­mat.

You can read more about Clock­er in this review, and down­load it from its devel­op­er’s web­site.


TextSniper extracts text from images and oth­er places on the screen in sec­onds. You can acti­vate it using a pre­set key­board short­cut and screen-grab text from any part of the screen. TextSniper then copies the text from that part of the screen to the clip­board using Opti­cal Char­ac­ter Recog­ni­tion (OCR). You can then paste the text any­where using the reg­u­lar Cmd + v keys.

Pop­u­lar Apple com­men­tary web­site 9to5mac.com reviewed TextSniper here. You can see TextSniper in action and pur­chase it for a small price (License for 1 Mac $6.99 and License for 3 Macs $9.99) from their web­site here.

CleanShot X

Clean­Shot X is a nifty Mac app for grab­bing, anno­tat­ing and shar­ing screen­shots. It also cap­tures GIFs and screen­casts. I use a lot of anno­tat­ed screen­shots and screen­casts in my line of work and so it is impor­tant to have a handy app for that. I used Droplr for about five years but it was get­ting stale. Droplr’s anno­ta­tion tools were lag­ging and inad­e­quate at the time I stopped using it in favour of Clean­Shot ear­li­er this year.

As an aside, it is great to see the Lice­cap soft­ware that I used years ago (cir­ca 2014) for sim­ple ani­mat­ed screen cap­tures as GIFs is still being main­tained. If you want a no-frills, sim­ple app, try that one!

I dis­cov­ered Clean­Shot X from Jason Fried’s tweet ear­li­er this year and liked it after try­ing it for a few weeks.

You can learn more about Clean­Shot X in the fol­low­ing video review and check its pric­ing here.

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