iPhone upgrade

I woke up to the new iPhone dubbed as iPhone 13. It is as gor­geous and amaz­ing as every oth­er iPhone before it. I’d love to buy the iPhone Mini, but both the orig­i­nal iPhone SE and iPhone 7 in the house, which I bought in 2016, are still going great for my needs, so I chose to delay the grat­i­fi­ca­tion.

The iPhone SE is a bit flaky, and I antic­i­pate upgrad­ing it soon­er than the iPhone 7. I hope to hold on for two more years with my now five-year-old iPhone 7 and upgrade to iPhone 15 in two years.

Unless either of them dies ear­ly —you nev­er know!— in which case, I will buy a new iPhone Mini right then.


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