Fibre Ultra

I upgraded my fibre internet to Fibre Ultra, technically called Gigabit fibre which has the advertised speeds of 900 Mbps down and 500 Mbps up.

First, some backstory.

My first fibre connection I got in 2018 was solid (Fibre 100 – 100 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up). After some time I grew unhappy with the puny 20 Mbps upload speed. I felt uplink could be better and so I upgraded in 2019 to Fibre 200 which doubled the download speed, but oddly enough it did not change the upload speed. So I saw no point in paying extra just to improve only the download speed. I downgraded back to Fibre 100 to save money.

Fast forward to this April. A discussion on Bill Bennett’s blog made me lookout for other offerings with higher upload speeds. After doing the price math, I settled for Fibre Ultra from Skinny.

Fibre Ultra is supposed to get me 900 Mbps down and 500 Mbps up. It does, but only on the ethernet. And I don’t like cables. On WiFi, I get only 300 to 400 Mbps down and 400 Mbps up. Nevertheless, now the downlink is about 4 times and uplink is a whopping 20 times what it was. That itself is amazing!

Was – Fibre 100
Now – Fibre Ultra

But I felt like I am not making the most of the downlink. While I did not expect to get all 900 Mbps down, I hoped to get at least 600- 700 Mbps. I wrote to Skinny and am disappointed by their response:

Internet service provider’s advice 🙄

I generally like the customer service of Skinny (one of the reasons I moved to them), but I wasn’t impressed by this specific advice esp. the note about the hardware. As a professional troubleshooter, I checked and played with the WiFi router settings, and tabled it for later since I couldn’t find that elusive setting that could bump up the download speed to 500+ Mbps.

As luck would have it, yesterday Bill published another blog post in which he clarified:

if you connect to, say, Speedtest, from a home computer connected to gigabit fibre but linked to your broadband port via Wi-fi and nothing else is running you might see speeds of 300Mbps to 400Mbps on a good day. Some connections will be slower.

I like to think of it this way: Gigabit fibre is faster, so the bottleneck moves to the Wi-fi network.

Sigh! Now at least I know that I am not missing out any router settings. Thanks again, Bill! You saved me a lot of time.

I feel better now knowing that I couldn’t have done anything to make the most of my internet connection, other than perhaps plugging in ethernet, which I am not going to do. Around 400 Mbps both ways is still pretty awesome as it is!

6 responses to “Fibre Ultra”

  1. Rachel M Avatar

    I have the same problem. I’ve got 900 fibre but only get speeds of about 350 and I’m told that’s the wifi. If you find a way to improve this let me know!

    1. Chaitanya Avatar

      Sure thing Rachel. I am on lookout anyway and will pass on anything I might find. Also, thanks for confirming that you too don’t get more than 350 on a Gigabit fibre connection. Seems this problem is prevalent. I hope WiFi technology improves enough to not be a bottleneck.

  2. Bill Bennett Avatar

    It’s worth checking that nothing else is using your Wi-fi network if you need an extra bit of speed, especially if you have children playing games online. But I can’t think of anything that works well at 400 mbps and struggles at 350.

    1. Chaitanya Avatar

      I probably won’t bother for now because 350 down and 400 up is pretty awesome.

      I will keep an eye on improvements to WiFi routers and technology.

  3. Arun Sathiya Avatar

    I am jealous! I have a 40Mbps/5Mbps line. 100Mbps fiber is likely to be available in my location soon. 1Gbps may take a while to happen. 🙂

    1. Chaitanya Avatar

      Crossing my fingers for you!

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