Lockdown update: returning to normalcy

New Zealand is mov­ing to lock­down alert lev­el 1 —and a return to most­ly nor­mal­cy— from this mid­night. Only bor­der restric­tions are in place.

I am glad it is over! It won’t be as nor­mal as before all this, and it is still impor­tant to fol­low the hygiene and phys­i­cal dis­tanc­ing prac­tices, but over­all, giv­en how bro­ken the world is right now, I am grate­ful for where I am. I could­n’t be any­where bet­ter!

Here is the full time­line of New Zealand lock­down.

  • 11:59pm, 25-March-2020 Wednes­day

    New Zealand moves to alert lev­el 4; the entire nation goes into self-iso­la­tion.

  • 33 days

  • 11:59 pm, 27-Apr-2020 Mon­day

    NZ goes down to lock­down alert lev­el 3.

  • 16 days

  • 11:59 pm, 13-May-2020 Wednes­day

    NZ goes down to lock­down alert lev­el 2.

  • 26 days

  • 11:59 pm, 08-Jun-2020 Mon­day

    NZ will move to alert lev­el 1 — and a return to most­ly nor­mal lives — from mid­night tonight.

God Defend New Zealand.

Here is the sum­ma­ry of Covid-19 virus cas­es in New Zealand.

NZ Herald Infographic of NZ Covid-19 cases
Info­graph­ic from the New Zealand Her­ald.


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  1. I am excit­ed for you all! It brings a bit of pos­i­tive light to the rest of the world that, yes, we can beat COVID🙂

  2. Chaitanya Avatar

    Thank you, Bsan!

    Yes, even­tu­al­ly world will beat COVID. Wish­ing for a speedy recov­ery in your coun­try too!

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