Lockdown updates

Yesterday marked two weeks since we are locked down.

Today as we head into the Easter weekend I am excited about a few pieces of promising COVID-19 news:

  • Lowest number (29) of COVID-19 cases since March 21.
  • Tighter border controls, and mandatory quarantine for new arrivals since this midnight.

And in a piece of more exciting news…

  • Lockdown decision will be reviewed on April 20.

I’m hoping lockdown will be eased to Level 3 and some level of routines will resume from April 28.


How not to text your customers before the lockdown

And so are your customers!

Bummed to receive this patronising text from my LPG provider just before the lockdown.

I don’t even need a gas bottle anytime soon!

Surely, they can send an empathetic copy, to the customers who actually have upcoming orders?