Lockdown — third wave

We had anoth­er —third so far — lock­down in Auck­land from Valen­tine’s Day’s mid­night, but luck­i­ly it last­ed only three days as ini­tial­ly stip­u­lat­ed.

Auck­land went from Lev­el 1 to Lev­el 3, 4 being most restric­tive. The rest of New Zealand stayed at Lev­el 1.

Emergency phone alert for third-wave of lockdown in Auckland.
Emer­gency phone alert for third-wave of lock­down in Auck­land.

I was stressed not because the lock­down was abrupt but because it aggra­vat­ed my ongo­ing low spir­it due to slug­gish progress on the two big, long-term plans for 2021 and beyond. Plus, it also upset the plans I had for my week­ly off days.

But in the end, we eased one lev­el down by Wednes­day mid­night, and fur­ther down to Lev­el 1 by last night.

I see a small num­ber of Covid-deniers and con­spir­a­cy the­o­rists in this coun­try, which is scary because what starts small can expand. On the bright side, bor­der work­ers are get­ting vac­ci­nat­ed from last Sat­ur­day, which is great!

I am still wary, con­tin­u­ing to scan the Covid-trac­er app even before this lat­est out­break. I am avoid­ing large crowds, keep­ing a safe phys­i­cal dis­tance from peo­ple, and being mind­ful of hand hygiene. I stopped wear­ing a mask, though.

Over­all, things are sta­ble in this lit­tle part of the world under the sen­si­ble and sta­ble polit­i­cal lead­er­ship we elect­ed recent­ly.

Timeline continued…

  • 11:59 pm, 14-Feb-2021 Sun­day

    Auck­land goes from lock­down Alert Lev­el 1 to 3.

    Rest of the NZ goes from Alert Lev­el 1 to 2.

  • 3 days

  • 11:59 pm, 17-Feb-2021 Wednes­day

    Auck­land goes down to lock­down Alert Lev­el 2.

    Rest of NZ goes down to lock­down Alert Lev­el 1.

  • 5 days

  • 11:59 pm, 22-Feb-2021 Mon­day

    All of New Zealand is at Alert Lev­el 1 — and a return to most­ly nor­mal lives — from mid­night tonight.

  • Hope the nor­mal­cy con­tin­ues…

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