Timely Advice for Lockdown 4

Ear­li­er this after­noon I real­ized today is day 2 of Lev­el 3 lock­down 4 for the 1 com­mu­ni­ty case we got on Sat­ur­day evening.

Yes, we got into Lev­el 3 lock­down again since 6 am last Sun­day. The lock­down was announced on the Sat­ur­day evening, lit­er­al­ly with­in an hour since I was roam­ing in the city cen­ter, peeked into a few bars and restau­rants and felt every­thing was just great and live­ly! I dropped by the Giapo store, ordered Noth­ing Else Mat­ters ice cream and then while I was enjoy­ing it, I heard the news of the lock­down. I decid­ed not to wor­ry too much because, after all, I am hav­ing Noth­ing Else Mat­ters ice cream!

On Sun­day morn­ing, I was read­ing The Dai­ly Sto­ic which offers 366 days of Sto­ic insights and exer­cis­es. And guess what I got that day!

As the author quotes Epicte­tus in the next page:

Don’t set your heart on so many things. Focus. Pri­or­i­tize. Train your mind to ask: Do I need this thing? What will hap­pen if I do not get it? Can I make do with­out it?

Think­ing about the answers to these ques­tions is how I chose to wade through this lock­down week. So far it’s work­ing well.


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