• Covid in the house

    After about two years into the pan­dem­ic, Covid final­ly entered the house! Read more

  • Covid Test Result

    Ever since the pan­dem­ic start­ed, I have been curi­ous how the Covid test result would look like. Here is how: Read more

  • Got my first Covid vaccine jab today!

    Today, on the tenth day of the cur­rent lock­down, I got my first vac­ci­na­tion jab done! We just walked into the local vac­ci­na­tion cen­tre, and they have spaces! My age group was­n’t eli­gi­ble to book until this week. When I tried to book my vac­ci­na­tion ear­li­er this week the lat­est slot I could book is six weeks away.… Read more

  • Level 4 lockdown anticipation

    With a com­mu­ni­ty case detect­ed this after­noon in Auck­land, the Lev­el 4 rush begins, for which I’m con­tribut­ing as well. The roads and super­mar­ket aisles and check out lines are busier for a Tues­day after­noon. (This post is brought to you from the super­mar­ket check­out line with a mod­er­ate­ly full trol­ley.) Fin­gers crossed, we won’t have a lock­down. We will… Read more

  • Thoughts after the fourth lockdown.

    Today in Auck­land, New Zealand, the Prime Min­is­ter announced that the fourth lock­down we entered into from 6 am last Sun­day (27th Feb­ru­ary) would be lift­ed at 6 am on the com­ing Sun­day (7th March). I am cau­tious­ly rejoic­ing the news. This is the fourth lock­down since the main lock­down start­ed in March 2020. The sec­ond one… Read more

  • Timely Advice for Lockdown 4

    Ear­li­er this after­noon I real­ized today is day 2 of Lev­el 3 lock­down 4 for the 1 com­mu­ni­ty case we got on Sat­ur­day evening. Yes, we got into Lev­el 3 lock­down again since 6 am last Sun­day. The lock­down was announced on the Sat­ur­day evening, lit­er­al­ly with­in an hour since I was roam­ing in the city cen­ter, peeked into a few bars and restau­rants… Read more

  • Lockdown — third wave

    We had anoth­er —third so far — lock­down in Auck­land from Valen­tine’s Day’s mid­night, but luck­i­ly it last­ed only three days as ini­tial­ly stip­u­lat­ed. Auck­land went from Lev­el 1 to Lev­el 3, 4 being most restric­tive. The rest of New Zealand stayed at Lev­el 1. I was stressed not because the lock­down was abrupt but because it aggra­vat­ed my… Read more

  • Lockdown update: back to freedom after 56.5 days

    I’m so glad that we as New Zealan­ders could con­tain the sec­ond wave of Covid-19 in 56.5 days since the last out­break. Auck­land will join the rest of New Zealand at Alert Lev­el 1 at 11:59pm today (Wednes­day, 7 Octo­ber). While that’s great news, this time I am cau­tious­ly opti­mistic. There is still COVID-19 in New Zealand; as… Read more

  • Lockdown returns

    Last night I woke up to this emer­gency alert: Auck­land returned to lock­down alert lev­el 3 since this noon: 12 noon on Wednes­day 12 August. The rest of New Zealand moved to alert lev­el 2. I was shocked because last night I went to sleep plan­ning to make the most of today, which I took off from work for… Read more

  • Lockdown update: returning to normalcy

    New Zealand is mov­ing to lock­down alert lev­el 1 —and a return to most­ly nor­mal­cy— from this mid­night. Only bor­der restric­tions are in place. I am glad it is over! It won’t be as nor­mal as before all this, and it is still impor­tant to fol­low the hygiene and phys­i­cal dis­tanc­ing prac­tices, but over­all, giv­en how… Read more