Lockdown returns

Last night I woke up to this emer­gency alert:

Auck­land returned to lock­down alert lev­el 3 since this noon: 12 noon on Wednes­day 12 August. The rest of New Zealand moved to alert lev­el 2.

I was shocked because last night I went to sleep plan­ning to make the most of today, which I took off from work for work­ing last Sun­day. I was­n’t fol­low­ing news and had no idea of events lead­ing up to this sec­ond lock­down. So hav­ing to wake up in the mid­dle of my sleep to the emer­gency beep­er of my phone freaked me out.

We decid­ed in the night that we are not going to send our son to school. We woke up and found that schools are closed for the rest of the week any­way.

I also woke up to see the appal­ing trol­lies in this tweet:

and the non­sen­si­cal claims of the leader of the oppo­si­tion.

It took me a few hours to get over all this and come to terms with the sit­u­a­tion. I feel much bet­ter com­pared to when I woke up.

It sucks to have to lose the free­dom to move freely, but there is inevitably anoth­er wave of virus infec­tions. I told myself to accept the real­i­ty and stick to the usu­al stuff that we have accus­tomed so far in 2020: stay home as much as pos­si­ble, main­tain phys­i­cal dis­tance when out­side, wash hands reg­u­lar­ly.

As always, I feel lucky to be liv­ing in Auck­land and beau­ti­ful New Zealand. I believe in my team of 5 mil­lion coun­try peo­ple. We are going to do it again. It was­n’t a prob­lem get­ting food and essen­tials even dur­ing lev­el 4 lock­down, so not wor­ried about toi­let paper in lev­el 3 lock­down that we are in now. Super­mar­ket vis­it can cer­tain­ly wait.

I chose to keep my pos­i­tive habits. I ate rea­son­ably well today, did the sec­ond of my three week­ly work­outs (I am yet to miss a week of work­outs this year), set­up Share­sies to get start­ed with long-term invest­ing, spoke to my mum on an impor­tant fam­i­ly mat­ter and spoke to a close friend. Now I am look­ing for­ward to tomor­row, and even­tu­al­ly get­ting over this lock­down. Just like we did a lit­tle over a hun­dred days ago.

This tweet from Giapo is time­ly and sums up my feel­ings:


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