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  • A quote on gratitude

    I came across many quotes on gratitude, but this one I found in last week’s James Clear’s 3-2-1 newsletter felt profound and made its way to the Quotes page on this site. Poet and playwright Oscar Wilde on being grateful for what you avoid: If you don’t get everything you want, think of the things you don’t […]

  • Lockdown returns

    Last night I woke up to this emergency alert: Auckland returned to lockdown alert level 3 since this noon: 12 noon on Wednesday 12 August. The rest of New Zealand moved to alert level 2. I was shocked because last night I went to sleep planning to make the most of today, which I took […]

  • Old habits. Not new resolutions.

    Just a thought that popped up while working out the upper body in the last hour. But first some context. Last week and this week, I am finding it very hard to exercise. It is after all holiday season, and I have had excellent exercise compliance so far this year. So why not take a […]

  • Three foundational skills everyone needs to get ahead in life

    Over the past few years, the following foundational skills have helped me shape my career. I am not going to perfect them anytime soon but I think I don’t have to. I believe these skills takes life-long practice and I really don’t want to get done with them. I think it would be silly of […]

  • 3 things that are true about you (and everyone)

    Today I learned these three important things about myself (and others). You will make mistakes. You have complex intentions. You have contributed to the problem.

  • Great article I read about proactiveness

    Yesterday I came across the following tweet by David of Raptitude, one of the few blogs I read and recommend. Really excellent stuff from @jdroth Becoming proactive: The number-one secret to wealth, freedom, and happiness — David Cain (@DavidDCain) January 16, 2018 The article in that tweet is a great read regardless of your life situation. If […]

  • Tweet more characters?!

    Okay, I work for a company that makes it easy for people to setup a blog, site or online store. So I may be biased. However, I found this tweet from Twitter interesting: But seriously, if you are dying to share something with world, and you can’t fit your thoughts in 140 characters, I think […]

  • New quote that I liked

    Added a new quote to my Quotes page on this blog. I can think. I can wait. I can fast. – Siddhartha Found this quote in Matt’s Twitter profile via the following Derek’s tweet. Thanks Matt! And I *LOVE* your profile quote from Siddartha. My favorite line from the book, too. — Derek Sivers (@sivers) […]

  • The important thing we forget in the rush to achieve

    I should remember the following gems in the article I found in the following tweet. But if I could offer one piece of advice to incoming freshman, it would be to learn to take care of themselves—because they are about to be surrounded by people who often have the misconception that racking up achievements and […]

  • Example of a nagging app

    Only yesterday I blogged about apps and their tricks to grab our precious attention by making us  install them on our phones in the pretense of helping us. This morning I wanted to check the menu of a local cafe. I googled and clicked on one of the search results. It’s a Zomato link that […]