Example of a nagging app

Only yes­ter­day I blogged about apps and their tricks to grab our pre­cious atten­tion by mak­ing us install them on our phones in the pre­tense of help­ing us.

This morn­ing I want­ed to check the menu of a local cafe. I googled and clicked on one of the search results. It’s a Zoma­to link that looked like what I want­ed:

I click on it and get this:

When I click on SEE MENU link, I get this:

If I think a bit about this…

What I want­ed to do: check the cafe menu.

What Zoma­to want­ed me to: install their app.

If Zoma­to’s aim is to help me, it will get out of my way and pro­vide the info I need as soon as pos­si­ble with­out any fric­tion. But it seems Zoma­to’s aim is to make me install their app and advance its inter­ests.

These are exact­ly the kind of apps and ser­vices I should avoid.


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