Apps and attention

I start­ed read­ing Rap­ti­tude from last year and it quick­ly became one of my favorite blogs.

The recent post, How Bil­lion­aires Stole My Mind, opened up my mind to how social media com­pa­nies com­pete for our atten­tion first thing in the morn­ing and suc­ceed in dis­tract­ing us.

After read­ing this post, I also delet­ed Tweet­bot app from my iPhone. Twit­ter now joins the ranks of Face­book, Insta­gram and oth­er social apps that have no place on my iPhone.

And despite Out­look’s fre­quent nag­ging, its noti­fi­ca­tions remain turned off. The only three apps I allow noti­fi­ca­tions are: Word­Press, Slack and What­sApp. These three apps are impor­tant to me.

I urge you to recon­sid­er and be delib­er­ate about which apps and noti­fi­ca­tions you allow on your phone. Just because your phone has a lot of space (mine has 128 GB) does­n’t mean you need to install lot of apps and worse still, scroll through their feeds uncon­scious­ly.


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