Tag: Technology

  • How to declutter your Twitter timeline

    I recently changed my Twitter iPhone app from Tweetbot 3 to the default Twitter iOS app. Twitter for iOS app is largely good. But I noticed that my Twitter timeline both in the browser and iPhone app got noisy than they should be for the fifty people I follow. This is making me spend (not […]

  • Pretty much my relationship with my phone

    My phone is always on silent. I don’t even know if I have a ring tone. If someone ever needs to contact me in an emergency, I suggest they you someone else.

  • Gave up on Mac’s Hot Corners

    I recently learned some Mac tips and one of the things I was excited about and tried is Hot Corners. But after a few months of trying them they proved to be Annoying Corners. I often accidentally send my mouse pointer to one of the corners of the screen and invoke them inadvertently. So I […]

  • Fibre, finally!

    After 6 years of putting up with sub-standard internet speeds, technologies, and data caps, I am so glad to be finally on uncapped fibre connection! Thank you Spark and Chorus for very quick setup.

  • Apps and attention

    I started reading Raptitude from last year and it quickly became one of my favorite blogs. The recent post, How Billionaires Stole My Mind, opened up my mind to how social media companies compete for our attention first thing in the morning and succeed in distracting us. After reading this post, I also deleted Tweetbot […]

  • WiFi and VPN

    I usually don’t offer free advice. But I will make an exception this time for the greater good. Don’t connect your phone and computer to public WiFi networks without VPN. Install VPN software in your computer and phone and turn that on every time you are about to hook on to public WiFi. But how? […]