Gave up on Mac’s Hot Corners

I recent­ly learned some Mac tips and one of the things I was excit­ed about and tried is Hot Cor­ners. But after a few months of try­ing them they proved to be Annoy­ing Cor­ners. I often acci­den­tal­ly send my mouse point­er to one of the cor­ners of the screen and invoke them inad­ver­tent­ly. So I dis­abled Hot Cor­ners today.

I am hop­ing to instead add a few more mul­ti-touch ges­tures to my fin­ger mem­o­ry. Mul­ti-touch ges­tures are intu­itive, fun, and make me feel like I am a pro Mac Book Pro user. So far I am lov­ing the ges­tures which means I will prac­tice them more.

4 responses to “Gave up on Mac’s Hot Corners”

  1. I turned off Hot Cor­ners as I kept acci­den­tal­ly trig­ger­ing them, use­ful if you can get it right but key­board short­cuts are the way

    1. Good to know I am not the only one acci­den­tal­ly trig­ger­ing Hot Cor­ners 😀

      I fig­ured it would be eas­i­er for me to use mul­ti-tough ges­tures rather than key­boards. I already have a ton of key­board short­cuts and it is very hard for me to remem­ber any­more.

  2. I first used hot cor­ners on a fla­vor of Lin­ux. I think it was Ubun­tu, but I’m not sure. I learned long before I got my first Mac that hot cor­ners weren’t my thing. 😀 So I have nev­er acti­vat­ed the hot cor­ners on my mac ever.

    1. Yeah, makes sense.

      Now I am much more com­fort­able with track­pad ges­tures and lov­ing them!

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