I start­ed a tiny habit: floss­ing my teeth.

I have been try­ing to start floss­ing for many months now. I brush my teeth every night but I know brush­ing twice a day is not enough to keep a real­ly good den­tal hygiene. I knew I need­ed to start floss­ing at some point because it is good to floss.

While I was learn­ing about tiny habits a few years ago, I read BJ Fog­g’s sug­ges­tion of floss­ing just one tooth to start with. That advice sound­ed great. But I did not real­ly start. The oth­er day I saw Col­gate floss box­es near the super­mar­ket check­out and brought one of them home. My six year old son won­dered and asked what is it for. I explained him. Then I let the floss sit in my bath­room cab­i­net for many weeks. My son remind­ed me a few times, but I said I need to learn how to floss and that I will start soon. But that’s just an excuse. I was just lazy and did noth­ing for many weeks.

Final­ly I stopped kid­ding myself and start­ed floss­ing. I flossed for last three nights. It feels good to actu­al­ly start floss­ing and I know I won’t stop.



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  1. Good for you! I make my kids floss their teeth once a day. Den­tists rec­om­mend it from a young age.

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