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  • New Mac Apps

    I am loving these new apps that I recently got for my 14″ Mac Book Pro. Make sure to check them out if you are a Mac user too. Top Notch to hide the top notch. PixelSnap to measure things on the screen. The above two apps are from the makers of the screenshot making […]

  • Gave up on Mac’s Hot Corners

    I recently learned some Mac tips and one of the things I was excited about and tried is Hot Corners. But after a few months of trying them they proved to be Annoying Corners. I often accidentally send my mouse pointer to one of the corners of the screen and invoke them inadvertently. So I […]

  • Disk space mystery

    Today I resolved the disk space mystery on my work computer, the latest generation Mac Book Pro. This has bothered me for few months. A few months ago I noticed that there is only about 45 GB of free space in my Mac. This is on a 500 GB hard disk. This did not sound […]