Disk space mystery

Today I resolved the disk space mys­tery on my work com­put­er, the lat­est gen­er­a­tion Mac Book Pro. This has both­ered me for few months.

A few months ago I noticed that there is only about 45 GB of free space in my Mac. This is on a 500 GB hard disk. This did not sound cor­rect. I keep my com­put­er orga­nized. I cer­tain­ly did not over­load the com­put­er with 450 GB worth of files and pro­grams. The largest file is the Win­dows VM sized about 200 GB. The rest of the files just don’t add up. 

This prob­lem in no way is stop­ping me from doing any­thing I do on the com­put­er. But mys­ter­ies both­er me. More so, if they involve tech­nol­o­gy.

I can’t recall the specifics but when I first noticed this anom­aly, I ran my usu­al drill. I googled, found and installed Disk Inven­to­ry X and tried to trou­bleshoot. But I could­n’t fig­ure it. I even­tu­al­ly gave up.

Today, after sev­er­al months, for some irrel­e­vant rea­son, I decid­ed to trou­bleshoot this mys­tery again. I googled, found a post titled 5 Ways To Free Up Disk Space on Your OS X Mac on How To Geek, found a sec­tion titled Ana­lyze Disk Space in it and end­ed up on Disk Inven­to­ry X - the same tool I tried last time. I installed it, let it ana­lyze my disk and voilà!

I noticed an aban­doned Win­dows VM hold­ing 200 GB of disk space. I must have cre­at­ed it when I moved the VM around in the ear­ly days of get­ting used to OS X.

Now my free disk space is a real­is­tic 290 GB.

What a relief! Only a few things are more grat­i­fy­ing for a keen trou­bleshoot­er than resolved mys­ter­ies.

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  1. I’ve just about used up all my disk space but it’s most­ly pho­tos which I don’t want to delete.

    1. I hope you backed up the pho­tos some­where in the cloud besides your hard disk.

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