New Mac Apps

I am lov­ing these new apps that I recent­ly got for my 14″ Mac Book Pro. Make sure to check them out if you are a Mac user too.

Top Notch to hide the top notch.

Image from 9to5Mac.

Pix­el­Snap to mea­sure things on the screen.

The above two apps are from the mak­ers of the screen­shot mak­ing app I love: Clean­Shot and that played a part in my deci­sion to let them live on my Mac.

Bar­tender 4 to orga­nize the menu bar. I pre­ferred the 14″ screen to the 16″ (in the absence of 15″), but one of the down­sides of the 14″ screen with the notch is less space for the menu bar items. So I was look­ing for apps to orga­nize the menu bar, and Bar­tender 4 fits the bill. It is a clean, min­i­mal app at a rea­son­able price; I liked it instant­ly.

Have you dis­cov­ered any cool apps recent­ly?


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