Lockdown update: returning to routines

After eight weeks of stricter lev­els (4 and then 3) of lock­down, things seem to be get­ting bet­ter.

We are cur­rent­ly in lev­el 2 and have been since Thurs­day. It is great to see peo­ple return­ing to the streets and gen­er­al­ly going about their busi­ness­es.

Today we went to our favourite cafe in the morn­ing. As always, the baris­tas made great cof­fee. After that, we went to our favourite place in the neigh­bour­hood and grabbed bread from our favourite bak­ery. In the after­noon I drove past a restau­rant that’s usu­al­ly crowd­ed but was ghost­ed for the past many weeks. I felt hap­py to see peo­ple enjoy­ing drinks and food, and gen­er­al­ly hav­ing a good time. It looks like it returned to being the hap­pen­ing place that it used to be!

Today is Sun­day and schools are start­ing from tomor­row. Although it won’t be the same as before, it looks like we are get­ting back to some sem­blance of rou­tines after about two months. Fin­gers crossed, it stays put!


2 responses to “Lockdown update: returning to routines”

  1. Hi Chai­tanya, can’t wait for new nor­mal­cy to be restored. Can’t say it would be back to square one but high time we have an ease of restric­tions. Thanks and much appre­ci­at­ed for shar­ing

  2. Chaitanya Avatar

    Yeah, I too think we can’t return to pre-Covid, but we can at least hope for the restric­tions to ease all over the world. Thanks for drop­ping by!

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