Lockdown update: returning to routines

After eight weeks of stricter levels (4 and then 3) of lockdown, things seem to be getting better.

We are currently in level 2 and have been since Thursday. It is great to see people returning to the streets and generally going about their businesses.

Today we went to our favourite cafe in the morning. As always, the baristas made great coffee. After that, we went to our favourite place in the neighbourhood and grabbed bread from our favourite bakery. In the afternoon I drove past a restaurant that’s usually crowded but was ghosted for the past many weeks. I felt happy to see people enjoying drinks and food, and generally having a good time. It looks like it returned to being the happening place that it used to be!

Today is Sunday and schools are starting from tomorrow. Although it won’t be the same as before, it looks like we are getting back to some semblance of routines after about two months. Fingers crossed, it stays put!

2 responses to “Lockdown update: returning to routines”

  1. Hi Chaitanya, can’t wait for new normalcy to be restored. Can’t say it would be back to square one but high time we have an ease of restrictions. Thanks and much appreciated for sharing

  2. Yeah, I too think we can’t return to pre-Covid, but we can at least hope for the restrictions to ease all over the world. Thanks for dropping by!

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