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  • Three milestones and two goals

    It is raining milestones this week.      I hit 100 day streak in meditation. I started meditating this January but failed rather quickly. I say with experience that trying to start meditation with twenty-minute sessions is a sure shot way to stumble. So I started again in May with Calm app. I started with […]

  • Some inspiration for exercising

    One of my awesome exercise mates shared this motivational video. It is not that people who don’t exercise lack motivation or don’t know the facts mentioned in this video. And I don’t think anyone instantly starts working out solely looking at this video. Great watch, nevertheless. I loved it.

  • James Clear

    James Clear is one of my favorite habit bloggers. I came across him sometime last year. I am reading his blog ever since. It changed me for the better. I love his content, consistency, and writing style. His work has been immensely helpful to me while I was forming my habit philosophies. Until last week […]

  • 150 workouts

    This evening I exercised for 150th time since I told myself that I will not lose out and workout. This habit is also an example of how I hoped to deal with my new year resolutions: Identity – I saw myself as the type of person who never misses the workout. So I only cared […]

  • A medal and a tee

    I can’t recall when was the last time I earned a physical medal. But today our awesome trainer presented a medal and a tee for consistently turning up to exercise for 100+ times this year.