Some inspiration for exercising

One of my awe­some exer­cise mates shared this moti­va­tion­al video.

It is not that peo­ple who don’t exer­cise lack moti­va­tion or don’t know the facts men­tioned in this video. And I don’t think any­one instant­ly starts work­ing out sole­ly look­ing at this video.

Great watch, nev­er­the­less. I loved it.


5 responses to “Some inspiration for exercising”

  1. This is great! Thanks for shar­ing!

    1. Glad you liked it. This video made me squat jump a bit high­er this arvo 😄

      1. It sounds like it worked then. I shared it at work as a cou­ple of my cowork­ers have an ongo­ing bat­tle with them­selves about going run­ning.

  2. “You are not the cards you’re dealt!”

    I love that.

    1. Great line indeed.

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