About me in three words

For a long time I described myself as unpar­al­leled, unpre­dictable and unas­sum­ing. I had filled all my online bios with just these three words. They still apply to me but I stopped using these adjec­tives for no clear rea­son.

Lat­er I learned that using adjec­tives is a ter­ri­ble way to describe one­self. While I think there is mer­it in “show, don’t tell” idea, adjec­tives are the only way I can express myself in min­i­mal pos­si­ble words.

Unpar­al­leled, not because I am spe­cial but because I am unique. This spared me lot of “me too” com­par­isons.

I hate to fit into stereo­types. So I choose to be pos­i­tive­ly unpre­dictable.

Until such time I know every­thing, I bet­ter be unas­sum­ing.

Which three adjec­tives describe you?


2 responses to “About me in three words”

  1. Inter­est­ing Post:)
    Mine would be “Jovial”, “Enthu­si­at­ic”, “opti­mistic”


    1. Those are nice attrib­ut­es to have. Keep them up 🙂

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