Lift your habits. Lift your life.

So I dis­cov­ered Medi­um via this inter­est­ing post on Delib­er­ate Prac­tice. I was appre­cia­tive of Tony Stub­blebine who wrote that piece. Sub­se­quent­ly learned he is build­ing Lift App. End­ed up on Lift web­site and instant­ly con­nect­ed to what is there on it. All I can say is it is just a cool way to build and live your habits. You can read rest of the sto­ry about Lift on their web­site.

So I installed the app on my iPhone and logged in with my twit­ter account and added few dai­ly habits I have been liv­ing and a few I want to add. This seems to be an inter­est­ing app that can help me build the habits that mat­ter.


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  1. […] these tiny habits added up to 5000 check-ins since I dis­cov­ered Lift in July 2013. I don’t like this app’s new name, Lift and Lifter sounds […]

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