Continuing my yesterday’s story: Just when I was about to close the google results tab, another result right beneath the Lifehacker article piqued my interest. I clicked on the hyper link and ended up on a web page which is suggesting just two tips anyone can easily follow to practice whatever craft they care, deliberately.

In addition to the ideas offered, I instantly liked the typography of that website.  It felt like it is the great typography referred by Steve Jobs in his famous inaugural speech at Stanford in 2005. So I started exploring more and eventually discovered many thoughtfully written essays by people from all walks of life and fields of study.

I instantly fell in love with that website. The typography is pristine. Page layout is minimal.  Content is brilliant. In addition to the regular stuff like ability to tweet, share on Facebook, one can also highlight just a part of text and leave a note to author or even tweet just the highlighted part of the text.  That website happens to be Medium. Here is their story: About Medium. I just wanted to belong there but they aren’t open for everybody yet. I couldn’t wait more.

And this is the article that has two tips on Deliberate Practice.

However, this chain of discovery isn’t complete just yet. There is one final part of discovery that I think is very cool and is worth sharing. I will save it for another day.

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