Deliberate Practice

I have been hear­ing about the phrase Delib­er­ate Prac­tice for quite some time now. Last week I stum­bled upon this Life­hack­er arti­cle which revealed some prac­tice goofs I am com­mit­ting. So I decid­ed to read it again today. I did­n’t book­mark the page last week so I googled the term ‘delib­er­ate prac­tice’ and found a bunch of results of which the Life­hack­er page is the third one from the top. I read that arti­cle again to reaf­firm the tips I read. It did give me some sim­ple and deep insights into how one should be prac­tic­ing any craft. I strong­ly rec­om­mend this arti­cle to any­one and make use of the tips pre­sent­ed. They are def­i­nite­ly worth one’s time.

How­ev­er, that is not all and there’s more to this sto­ry. I dis­cov­ered some­thing sig­nif­i­cant and cool when I checked anoth­er result from the search result. More on that in the next post.



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