Three ideas I learned from Derek Sivers

I learned three great ideas from Derek Sivers over the last cou­ple of months. I am very grate­ful to Derek for the fol­low­ing ideas.

  1. Hell yeah or no.
  2. /now page.
  3. Mas­ter­ing self and help­ing oth­ers.

Hell yeah or no

I came across Derek’s “Hell yeah or no” idea via Leo Babau­ta’s tweet.

I instant­ly liked it and start­ed say­ing no to any­thing that is less than hell yeah. It has helped me focus on my pri­or­i­ties and say no to every­thing else.

/now page

Being part of Derek’s /now page move­ment and writ­ing my /now page has helped me think what is impor­tant to me and write how I am spend­ing my time. I read my /now page reg­u­lar­ly to make sure I am spend­ing my time on my pri­or­i­ties.

Mastering self and helping others

Derek recent­ly shared this idea in this sec­ond episode of The Tim Fer­riss Show. I strong­ly rec­om­mend you lis­ten to it. I enjoyed the two-hour long first episode as well but if you have only lit­tle time, just lis­ten to the sec­ond.

He shared this idea at 28:03 of the sec­ond fol­low-up episode when some­one asked him how does he define suc­cess.

I am amazed by how most of the things I do — which you will find on my /now page — per­fect­ly aligns to this phi­los­o­phy.

Exer­cis­ing, doing push ups, run­ning are to mas­ter my body and be in shape. Med­i­tat­ing, play­ing Ele­vate, and eat­ing healthy helps me mas­ter my mind.

I am here first to help and take care of my fam­i­ly. Thank­ful­ly they don’t take much of my time or help but I don’t think twice to drop every­thing else if they ever need me that much. Then, my day job and Chai­tanya 3.0 project are too about help­ing peo­ple, learn­ing new things, and solv­ing oth­ers prob­lems.

Thanks a lot Derek. Your ideas are some of the best I learned in 2015. I am super excit­ed to con­tin­ue liv­ing them in 2016 and be more use­ful to oth­ers.

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