Master yourself. Help others.

I recent­ly wrote about how what I do aligns to “Mas­ter your­self, help oth­ers” phi­los­o­phy I learned from Derek Sivers. I loved this phi­los­o­phy so much that I want to make it my life mot­to and make sure every­thing I do fits into either of these buck­ets.

This mot­to adds on to the four prin­ci­ples I prac­tice. Here is the com­plete list:

  1. Mas­ter your­self. Help oth­ers.
  2. Hell yeah or no.
  3. Believe in Evo­lu­tion. Not in Rev­o­lu­tion.
  4. Rely on Habits and Process­es. Not on Willpow­er.
  5. Base goals on Iden­ti­ty. Not on Per­for­mance or Appear­ance.

For the fun of set­ting res­o­lu­tions for 2016, I decid­ed to high­light two things from my /now page.

Master yourself

I am going to work for per­fect abs. This not so because I want to show off but for the fun of attempt­ing what I think is dif­fi­cult to do. Per­fect abs means eat­ing real­ly well, great rest of the body and over­all fit­ness.

I reit­er­ate, I exer­cise to mas­ter my body and be healthy so I can give a best shot to my aspi­ra­tions. Exter­nal results like lean body, mus­cle and low body fat are nice side effects I can’t help but enjoy.

Help others

I am going to work hard to be suc­cess­ful in my side project code-named, Chai­tanya 3.0.

I am super excit­ed to imag­ine what is pos­si­ble in 2016.

Here’s to 2016 and I wish you all the very best for your aspi­ra­tions.


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