There are no finish lines

I chanced upon a great quote today.

There are no fin­ish lines.

It made pre­fect sense. This is some­thing I keep in my mind with every­thing I do. My rela­tion­ships, friend­ships, habits, and prin­ci­ples are all for my life. There are no fin­ish lines.

In the oth­er news, I tried to keep qui­et in Twit­ter and Face­book but I soon real­ized that lurk­ing is not my nat­ur­al state. So I tweet­ed:

It feels good not to pre­tend as some­one I am not.

My new year is warm­ing up. I start­ed, rather con­tin­u­ing, work on my goals. My exer­cis­ing rou­tine resumed this week after a two-week hol­i­day break. I start­ed drink­ing pro­tein after my work­outs. I had a great low­er body work­out this after­noon. My train­er kept it rel­a­tive­ly easy so all of us fin­ished all the reps ahead of time. How­ev­er, at the end he chal­lenged me to swing 32 kg ket­tle-bell non-stop for fifty times. I tried, but gave up after twen­ty swings. So he asked me to com­plete two more sets of twen­ty swings, breaks allowed. I was able to do all of them with a good form. So that’s six­ty swings with a break after every twen­ty. Still pret­ty good.

2016 has kicked off.


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