• Chop wood, carry water

    Chop wood, carry water

    I recent­ly read Carl Richard­s’s per­son­al finance book The Behav­ior Gap, in which I came across this quote that struck a chord with me: When the Zen mas­ter Wu Li was asked what to do to achieve enlight­en­ment, he respond­ed, “Chop wood, car­ry water.” When he was asked what to do when you have achieved enlight­en­ment, herespond­ed,… Read more

  • A quote on gratitude

    I came across many quotes on grat­i­tude, but this one I found in last week’s James Clear’s 3 – 2‑1 newslet­ter felt pro­found and made its way to the Quotes page on this site. Poet and play­wright Oscar Wilde on being grate­ful for what you avoid: If you don’t get every­thing you want, think of the things you don’t get… Read more

  • Fifteen of the 100 little ideas

    My blog­ging friend and cowork­er Nick shared this list of 100 Sim­ple Truths in a recent post on his blog. I love read­ing such lists because you find some ideas you iden­ti­fy your­self with and also: In quot­ing oth­ers, we cite our­selves. Julio Cortázar Fol­low­ing is a selec­tion of the fif­teen ideas that I high­light­ed in my Kin­dle as… Read more

  • A new quote on this blog!

    The Quotes page on this blog is one of my favorites. On it, I list some prin­ci­ples that res­onate with me. I just reordered the quotes and added this quote. All of humanity’s prob­lems stem from man’s inabil­i­ty to sit qui­et­ly in a room alone. Blaise Pas­cal I think this quote is sim­i­lar to the impor­tance of the… Read more

  • Definition of Expert

    Found and liked this def­i­n­i­tion of expert in James Clear’s newslet­ter. The physi­cist Niels Bohr on what it takes to be an expert: “An expert is a per­son who has found out by painful expe­ri­ence all the mis­takes that one can make in a very nar­row field.” The old­est source I could find was “Dr. Edward Teller’s Mag­nif­i­cent… Read more

  • New quote that I liked

    Added a new quote to my Quotes page on this blog. I can think. I can wait. I can fast. – Sid­dhartha Found this quote in Mat­t’s Twit­ter pro­file via the fol­low­ing Derek’s tweet. Thanks Matt! And I *LOVE* your pro­file quote from Sid­dartha. My favorite line from the book, too. — Derek Sivers (@sivers) August 5, 2017… Read more

  • There are no finish lines

    I chanced upon a great quote today. There are no fin­ish lines. It made pre­fect sense. This is some­thing I keep in my mind with every­thing I do. My rela­tion­ships, friend­ships, habits, and prin­ci­ples are all for my life. There are no fin­ish lines. In the oth­er news, I tried to keep qui­et in Twit­ter and Face­book but I soon real­ized… Read more