Selec­tion of ideas I liked from read­ing books and blogs.

  • Road Not Taken

    Road Not Taken

    You should nev­er look down the road not tak­en. Because that road nev­er leads to where you think it should. Nev­er Look Down the Road Not Tak­en by Nick Mag­giul­li Read more

  • Most important takeaway from surprises

    Most important takeaway from surprises

    When­ev­er we are sur­prised by some­thing, even if we admit that we made a mis­take, we say, ‘Oh I’ll nev­er make that mis­take again.’ But, in fact, what you should learn when you make a mis­take because you did not antic­i­pate some­thing is that the world is dif­fi­cult to antic­i­pate. That’s the cor­rect les­son to learn from… Read more

  • Happiness and Expectations

    Happiness and Expectations

    What actu­al­ly brings hap­pi­ness is the con­trast between what you have now and what­ev­er you were just doing. When you real­ize how pow­er­ful expec­ta­tions are, you put as much effort into keep­ing them low as you do into improv­ing your cir­cum­stances. Hap­pi­ness, con­tent­ment, joy … all of those things come from expe­ri­enc­ing a gap between expec­ta­tions… Read more

  • Chop wood, carry water

    Chop wood, carry water

    I recent­ly read Carl Richard­s’s per­son­al finance book The Behav­ior Gap, in which I came across this quote that struck a chord with me: When the Zen mas­ter Wu Li was asked what to do to achieve enlight­en­ment, he respond­ed, “Chop wood, car­ry water.” When he was asked what to do when you have achieved enlight­en­ment, herespond­ed,… Read more