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  • Morgan Housel on The Tim Ferriss Show

    Enjoyed this three-hour conversation between Tim Ferriss and my favorite author, Morgan Housel. I highly recommend checking it out. I watched this fascinating discussion in two sessions and as always learned a lot from Morgan. You will find the show notes and links here on the following episode web page:

  • Three ideas I learned from Derek Sivers

    I learned three great ideas from Derek Sivers over the last couple of months. I am very grateful to Derek for the following ideas. Hell yeah or no. /now page. Mastering self and helping others. Hell yeah or no I came across Derek’s “Hell yeah or no” idea via Leo Babauta’s tweet. I instantly liked it […]

  • Not giving a fuck

    Tim Ferriss tweeted and I retweeted this great post titled, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Stop what you are doing right now and read this. “@tferriss: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck http://t.co/lp6xUDTpt4” — Chaitanya M S V (@chaitanyamsv) March 5, 2015 It has so many f-words in it but […]