Understanding GTD

If you are keen to get bet­ter at achiev­ing your goals in the new year, I sug­gest you check the free Get Stuff Done online course on YouTube.

This course teach­es how to apply the famous GTD phi­los­o­phy to our life. It was orig­i­nal­ly offered for a small fee but the nice fel­la, Tia­go Forte of Skill­share has made it avail­able for free on YouTube. It is a series of short videos, all of them under fif­teen min­utes and only few of them are over ten min­utes.

I did this course last year and learned a lot about how to orga­nize myself. It has helped me build a Wun­derlist based to-do list sys­tem that tells me the things I need to do every­day to make progress on my goals. I am doing this course again to strength­en my learn­ing. It only takes at most fif­teen min­utes a day. Check it out.

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