Tag: excitement

  • iPhone 7

    The wait is over. Apple delivered my iPhone 7 today. First Facebook, then this post on my blog reminded me that six years ago today, I received my first iPhone 4. What a coincidence! I am not as excited as I was at that time. Even so, excited to lay my hands on the new […]

  • Waiting for the next iPhone

    I’m excited about the upcoming iPhone. That’s because I am going to buy it.  It’s been six years since I looked forward this much for an iPhone. Luckily, I didn’t have to buy a phone all these years. I bought my first iPhone in the October of 2010. Saying I was excited to lay my […]

  • Three ideas I learned from Derek Sivers

    I learned three great ideas from Derek Sivers over the last couple of months. I am very grateful to Derek for the following ideas. Hell yeah or no. /now page. Mastering self and helping others. Hell yeah or no I came across Derek’s “Hell yeah or no” idea via Leo Babauta’s tweet. I instantly liked it […]