Month: July 2013

  • Lift your habits. Lift your life.

    So I discovered Medium via this interesting post on Deliberate Practice. I was appreciative of Tony Stubblebine who wrote that piece. Subsequently learned he is building Lift App. Ended up on Lift website and instantly connected to what is there on it. All I can say is it is just a cool way to build and […]

  • Medium.

    Continuing my yesterday’s story: Just when I was about to close the google results tab, another result right beneath the Lifehacker article piqued my interest. I clicked on the hyper link and ended up on a web page which is suggesting just two tips anyone can easily follow to practice whatever craft they care, deliberately. In […]

  • Deliberate Practice

    I have been hearing about the phrase Deliberate Practice for quite some time now.  Last week I stumbled upon this Lifehacker article which revealed some practice goofs I am committing. So I decided to read it again today. I didn’t bookmark the page last week so I googled the term ‘deliberate practice’ and found a […]

  • Rework

    Ram Gopal Varma is a great Bollywood storyteller. I am a great fan of him. But my admiration towards him has least to do with his screenplay. I hardly watched his films. I admire him because he is a brutally honest and has a great attitude. He looks at world in a totally different way […]

  • My home on the Internet.

    As somebody who is tech savvy and has a vested interest in internet, blogging and technology in general, I mulled over the idea of owning a custom domain for a number of years now. So the urge to do something about this has never been more intense, pushing me to finally act on it. I […]