My home on the Internet.

As somebody who is tech savvy and has a vested interest in internet, blogging and technology in general, I mulled over the idea of owning a custom domain for a number of years now. So the urge to do something about this has never been more intense, pushing me to finally act on it.

I spent a lot of time in the last few weeks thinking about what could be an ideal name for my home on internet. I eyed on domains and which are both short, cool and most importantly, are inspired by role model Unfortunately both of them are already taken. So I spent significant time scanning Country code TLD Names Wikipedia page with the hopes of finding some interesting TLDs that gel well with my name, an act that only resulted in aggravated disappointment.

There were domains like and etc. available but I didn’t feel quite comfortable with them. So I finally decided on as chaitanyamsv is anyway how I already call myself on almost  all of the other internet services I love and use like Twitter, Flickr  Delicious et al.  So finally locked in which is not as short as I would have liked. However, it, for sure, appeared like a logical extension to my alias on interwebs suffixed with .com. Also now I can flaunt my email id as me at chaitanyamsv dot com and stand out a bit.

This blog originally started on Blogger as then morphed into, further as and finally as, which will be the domain name for many more years to come.

Owning a blog with a custom domain name is metaphorically as satisfying as owning your own home. Many people already owning a home should, and always will, be the last reason for anyone to not feel special about their own home. There are many homes and then your own home, which is always special and close to your heart. The same applies to your home on the internet as well. There are many blogs and then the one owned by you, by your name.

By the way, On is an interesting story worth reading about how Matt Mullenweg ended up with an enviable



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